Title: Bretz's Flood: The Remarkable Story of a Rebel Geologist and the World's Greatest Flood, Author: John Soennichsen
Title: Seattleness: A Cultural Atlas, Author: Tera Hatfield
Title: Chief Seattle and the Town That Took His Name: The Change of Worlds for the Native People and Settlers on Puget Sound, Author: David M. Buerge
Title: Ancient Places: People and Landscape in the Emerging Northwest, Author: Jack Nisbet
Title: Rising Son: A US Soldier's Secret and Heroic Role in World War II, Author: Sandra Vea
Title: Unsettled Ground: The Whitman Massacre and Its Shifting Legacy in the American West, Author: Cassandra Tate
Title: Five Marys Ranch Raised Cookbook: Homegrown Recipes from Our Family to Yours, Author: Mary Heffernan
Title: Seattleness, Author: Tera Hatfield
Title: Portlandness: A Cultural Atlas, Author: David Banis
Title: Mount St. Helens 35th Anniversary Edition: The Eruption and Recovery of a Volcano, Author: Rob Carson
Title: Sources of the River, 2nd Edition: Tracking David Thompson Across North America, Author: Jack Nisbet
Title: Visible Bones: Journeys Across Time in the Columbia River Country, Author: Jack Nisbet