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Title: A Return to Salem's Lot
Title: Merrill's Marauders
Title: The Big Red One
Title: Fixed Bayonets
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Title: Run of the Arrow
Title: Pickup on South Street (The Criterion Collection)
Title: Forty Guns
Title: Shock Corridor
Title: Naked Kiss
Title: China Gate
Title: Dead Pigeon On Beethoven Street
Title: The Last Movie
Title: Verboten!
Title: The Crimson Kimono
Title: White Dog
Title: War Heroes Collection: 4 Film Favorites
Title: A Third Face: My Tale of Writing, Fighting and Filmmaking, Author: Samuel Fuller
Title: The Grape Culturist: A Treatise on the Cultivation of the Native Grape, Author: Andrew Samuel Fuller
Title: The Big Red One, Author: Samuel Fuller
Title: The Golden Censer, Author: Samuel Fuller

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