Title: Roman Literature, Gender and Reception: Domina Illustris, Author: Donald Lateiner
Title: Roman Theories of Translation: Surpassing the Source, Author: Siobhán McElduff
Title: Menander in Contexts, Author: Alan H. Sommerstein
Title: Menander in Contexts / Edition 1, Author: Alan H. Sommerstein
Title: Consumerism in the Ancient World: Imports and Identity Construction, Author: Justin St. P. Walsh
Title: Apuleius and Africa, Author: Benjamin Todd Lee
Title: Lucian and His Roman Voices: Cultural Exchanges and Conflicts in the Late Roman Empire / Edition 1, Author: Eleni Bozia
Title: The Origins of Ancient Greek Science: Blood-A Philosophical Study / Edition 1, Author: Michael Boylan
Title: Athens Transformed, 404-262 BC: From Popular Sovereignty to the Dominion of Wealth / Edition 1, Author: Phillip Harding
Title: Holders of Extraordinary imperium under Augustus and Tiberius: A Study into the Beginnings of the Principate, Author: Pawel Sawinski
Title: Exploring the Mid-Republican Origins of Roman Military Administration: With Stylus and Spear, Author: Elizabeth H. Pearson
Title: Antonio Gramsci and the Ancient World, Author: Emilio Zucchetti
Title: Greek Magic: Ancient, Medieval and Modern, Author: John Petropoulos
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Title: Xenophon's Socratic Works, Author: David M. Johnson
Title: Proclus and the Chaldean Oracles: A Study on Proclean Exegesis, with a Translation and Commentary of Proclus' Treatise On Chaldean Philosophy, Author: Nicola Spanu
Title: Between Rome and Persia: The Middle Euphrates, Mesopotamia and Palmyra under Roman control, Author: Peter Edwell
Title: Childhood in Ancient Athens: Iconography and Social History, Author: Lesley A. Beaumont
Title: Fantasy in Greek and Roman Literature, Author: Graham Anderson
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Title: Dionysus and Politics: Constructing Authority in the Graeco-Roman World, Author: Filip Doroszewski
Title: Aeschylus and War: Comparative Perspectives on Seven Against Thebes, Author: Isabelle Torrance

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