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Title: Postcolonial Film: History, Empire, Resistance, Author: Rebecca Weaver-Hightower
Title: Early Race Filmmaking in America / Edition 1, Author: Barbara Lupack
Title: Spanish Cinema in the Global Context: Film on Film / Edition 1, Author: Samuel Amago
Title: Spaces of the Cinematic Home: Behind the Screen Door / Edition 1, Author: Eleanor Andrews
Title: Latsploitation, Exploitation Cinemas, and Latin America, Author: Victoria Ruétalo
Title: Re-reading the Monstrous-Feminine: Art, Film, Feminism and Psychoanalysis / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas Chare
Title: Found Footage Horror Films: A Cognitive Approach / Edition 1, Author: Peter Turner
Title: Surveillance in Asian Cinema: Under Eastern Eyes / Edition 1, Author: Karen Fang
Title: Japanese Horror Films and their American Remakes: Translating Fear, Adapting Culture, Author: Valerie Wee
Title: Ethics of Cinematic Experience: Screens of Alterity / Edition 1, Author: Orna Raviv
Title: Asian Cinema and the Use of Space: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Author: Lilian Chee
Title: The Cinematic Eighteenth Century: History, Culture, and Adaptation / Edition 1, Author: Srividhya Swaminathan
Title: Film and the American Presidency / Edition 1, Author: Jeff Menne
Title: Horror Franchise Cinema, Author: Mark McKenna
Title: The Politics of Age and Disability in Contemporary Spanish Film: Plus Ultra Pluralism, Author: Matthew J. Marr
Title: Trans New Wave Cinema, Author: Akkadia Ford
Title: Post-Production and the Invisible Revolution of Filmmaking: From the Silent Era to Synchronized Sound / Edition 1, Author: George Larkin
Title: Postfeminism and Paternity in Contemporary US Film: Framing Fatherhood, Author: Hannah Hamad
Title: Mobility and Migration in Film and Moving Image Art: Cinema Beyond Europe / Edition 1, Author: Nilgun Bayraktar
Title: Australian Genre Film, Author: Kelly McWilliam

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