Title: The Bookseller's Sonnets, Author: Andi Rosenthal
Title: Some Assembly Required, Author: Michael Strelow
Title: Walks With Sam: A Man, a Dog, and a Season of Awakening, Author: David W. Berner
Title: Star Pilgrim: A Story of the Deepest Mysteries of Existence, Author: Simon Small
Title: Premonitions: Recognitions, Book II, Author: Daniela I. Norris
Title: Ezekiel's Third Wife: A Novel, Author: John Bennion
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Title: This Is All He Asks of You, Author: Anne Egseth
Title: Don't Doubt the Magic!: The Story of Bernice O'Hanlon Part Two, Author: Cathie Devitt
Title: American Fork, Author: George B. Handley
Title: Justice Gone, Author: N. Lombardi Jr.
Title: Breakthrough, Author: John C. Robinson
Title: Titus and Roni, Author: Gregory Dark
Title: Oreads, Author: John F. Lavelle
Title: What Love Feels Like: The Dawn of Human 2.0, Author: David Cunningham
Title: Free Dakota, Author: William Irwin
Title: Some Books Aren't for Reading, Author: Howard Marc Chesley
Title: Red Dress: A Novel, Author: Bridget Finklaire
Title: The Master Yeshua: The Undiscovered Gospel of Joseph, Author: Joyce Luck
Title: Red Nocturne, Author: Bill Mullen
Title: Saxon: Book 1 of the Saxon Chronicles, Author: Stuart Davies

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