Title: My Scooter, Author: Victor Blaine
Title: Wild Bill Hickok: Legend of the American Wild West, Author: Larissa Phillips
Title: Cheerleading, Author: Rae Emmer
Title: Competitive Volleyball for Girls, Author: Claudia Manley
Title: A Chef's Tools, Author: Holden Strauss
Title: Tony Hawk: Skateboarding Champion, Author: Brian Wingate
Title: How to Draw Cartoon Holiday Symbols, Author: Curt Visca
Title: Lou Gehrig, Author: Robert Greenberger
Title: The Unofficial Guide to Building Skyscrapers in Minecraft, Author: Ryan Nagelhout
Title: Wrestling: Rules, Tips, Strategy, and Safety, Author: David Chiu
Title: Que hacen los policias? / What Do Police Officers Do?, Author: Nick Christopher
Title: Tell Me the Difference Between an Alligator and a Crocodile, Author: Leigh Rockwood
Title: How to Draw Dogs, Author: Laura Murawski
Title: A Primary Source History of the Colony of Georgia, Author: Liz Sonneborn
Title: Let's Go to Acadia National Park: Solve Problems Involving the Four Operations, Author: Presley Adams
Title: Financial Aid Smarts: Getting Money for School, Author: Lisa Wade McCormick
Title: Erosion and Weathering, Author: Willa Dee
Title: Sound Waves, Author: Ian F. Mahaney
Title: A Trip to the Grocery Store / De visita en la tienda, Author: Josie Keogh
Title: Careers in Digital Animation, Author: Kathy Furgang

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