Title: The Motherless Oven, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Mark Justice's The Dead Sheriff: Purity, Author: Michael Housel
Title: Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Volume 16, Author: Greg Hatcher
Title: Bass Reeves Frontier Marshal Volume 3, Author: Terry Alexander
Title: Sólo para chicos: ¿Qué me está pasando? Mi pubertad, Author: Matt Crossick
Title: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Volume 8, Author: Raymond Louis James Lovato
Title: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Volume 10, Author: Aaron Smith
Title: The Books of Forks, Author: Rob Davis
Title: The Incunabulum of Sherlock Holmes, Author: I.A. Watson
Title: The Can Opener's Daughter, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Captain Action: Cry of the Jungle Lord, Author: Jim Beard
Title: Robin Hood: Arrow of Justice, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Jezebel Johnston: Sisters of Vengeance, Author: Nancy Hansen
Title: Jezebel Johnston: Mourning Star, Author: Nancy Hansen
Title: Black Crown Quarterly #3, Author: Peter Milligan
Title: Deadly Plans, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Brother Bones-Tapestry of Blood, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Black Crown Quarterly #4: Summer 2018, Author: Peter Milligan
Title: Brother Bones: City of Lost Souls, Author: Ron Fortier
Title: Sun-Koh Heir to Atlantis, Author: Arthur C. Sippo MD

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