Title: Virginia City
Director: Michael Curtiz
Title: The Cariboo Trail
Title: Trail Street
Director: Ray Enright
Title: Badman's Territory
Title: Seven Men from Now
Title: Ride the High Country
Title: Western Union
Title: Albuquerque
Director: Ray Enright
Title: Christmas Eve
Title: Westbound
Director: Budd Boetticher
Title: Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend
Title: The Last of the Mohicans
Title: Canadian Pacific
Title: Pittsburgh
Director: Lewis Seiler
Title: Man behind the Gun/Thunder Over the Plains/Riding Shotgun
Title: Bombardier
Director: Richard Wallace
Title: Carson City
Director: André De Toth
Title: The Spoilers
Director: Ray Enright
Title: Ten Wanted Men
Title: Frontier Marshal
Director: Allan Dwan

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