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Title: I Was Jack Mortimer, Author: Alexander Lernet-Holenia
Title: Venices, Author: Paul Morand
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Title: American Midnight: Tales of the Dark, Author: Laird Hunt
Title: The New Sorrows of Young W., Author: Ulrich Plenzdorf
Title: Against Venice, Author: Regis Debray
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Title: Burning Secret, Author: Stefan Zweig
Title: A Nail, A Rose, Author: Madeleine Bourdouxhe
Title: The Hidden Force, Author: Louis Couperus
Title: Young Gerber, Author: Friedrich Torberg
Title: In Search of Venice, Author: Paul Morand
Title: A Dark Stranger, Author: Julien Gracq
Title: Salad Anniversary, Author: Machi Tawara
Title: Isolde, Author: Irena Odoevtseva
Title: The Marquise of O-, Author: Heinrich Von Kleist
Title: Andreas, Author: Hugo von Hoffmannsthal
Title: Letters to Isabella Stewart Gardner, Author: Henry James
Title: Recipes for Sad Women, Author: Hector Abad
Title: Ecstasy, Author: Louis Couperus
Title: Sonnets, Author: William Shakespeare
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Title: Wondrak and Other Stories, Author: Stefan Zweig

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