Title: The Elements of Teaching Writing: A Resource for Instructors in All Disciplines / Edition 1, Author: Katherine Gottschalk
Paperback from $22.48 $32.75 Current price is $22.48, Original price is $32.75.
Title: Clothesline Math: The Master Number Sense Maker, Author: Chris Shore
Title: Teaching with Text Sets, Author: Mary Ann Cappiello
Title: Orchestrating School Change: Transforming Your Leadership, Author: Michael Murphy
Title: Connect to Text: Strategies for Close Reading and Writing from Sources, Author: Jessica Hathaway
Title: The Write Thing: Kwame Alexander Engages Students in Writing Workshop (And You Can Too!), Author: Kwame Alexander
Title: Teaching Composition: Background Readings / Edition 3, Author: T. R. Johnson
Paperback $61.89 $65.75 Current price is $61.89, Original price is $65.75.
Title: The Road to Independent Reading and Writing, Author: Cathy Collier Pre-Order Now
Title: Vocabulary Instruction for Academic Success, Author: Hallie Kay Yopp
Title: Dive into Close Reading: Strategies for Your 3-5 Classroom, Author: Diane Lapp
Title: Making Change: Creating a 21st Century Teaching and Learning Environment, Author: Loretta Donovan
Title: My View, My Voice, Levels 6-8, Author: Rebekah Coleman
Title: Teaching to Complexity: A Framework to Evaluate Literary and Content-Area Text, Author: Mary Ann Cappiello
Title: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom, 2nd Edition, Author: Kathleen Vest
Title: Can You Hear Me Now? Applying Brain Research and Technology to Engage Today's Students, Author: Lisa Nimz
Title: Coordinating the Communication Course: A Guidebook / Edition 1, Author: Deanna L. Fassett
Title: Effecting Change: Intervention for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners, Author: Almitra Berry
Title: Teaching Study Strategies in Developmental Education: Readings on Theory, Research, and Best Practice / Edition 1, Author: Russ Hodges
Paperback from $49.80 $64.75 Current price is $49.80, Original price is $64.75.
Title: Strategies for Effective Balanced Literacy, Author: Mary Jo Fresch
Title: You Can't Just Say It Louder! Differentiated Strategies for Comprehending Nonfiction, Author: Debby Murphy

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