Title: The Synergy of Inquiry: Engaging Students in Deep Learning Across the Content Areas, Author: Paul Jablon
Title: What's Your Math Problem!?! Getting to the Heart of Teaching Problem Solving, Author: Linda Gojak
Title: Bringing Joy Back into the Classroom, Author: Danny Brassell
Title: Content-Area Writing That Rocks and Works!, Author: Rebecca G. Harper
Title: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom, Author: Kathleen Vest
Title: The 5Es of Inquiry-Based Science, Author: Lakeena Chitman-Booker
Title: Managing an Early Childhood Classroom, Author: Wendy Koza
Title: Effective Math Instruction: Shifting to Meet Today's Standards, Author: Jared DuPree
Title: Just the Facts: Close Reading and Comprehension of Informational Text, Author: Lori Oczkus
Title: Analyzing and Writing with Primary Sources, Author: Wendy Conklin
Title: Using Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom, Author: Kathleen Kopp
Title: Greek and Latin Roots: Keys to Building Vocabulary, Author: Timothy Rasinski
Title: Common Sense Assessment in the Classroom, Author: Lynda Rice
Title: Graphing Calculator Strategies: Algebra, Author: Pamela H. Dase
Title: What Every Educator Should Know About Using GoogleTM, Author: Kathryn Martin
Title: Talking About Text: Guiding Students to Increase Comprehension Through Purposeful Talk, Author: Maria Nichols
Title: Strategies for Implementing Writer's Workshop, Author: Richard Gentry
Title: Backwards Planning: Building Enduring Understanding Through Instructional Design, Author: Harriet Isecke
Title: Making Change Creating 21st Century Teaching & Learning Environments, Author: Loretta Donovan
Title: Content-Area Literacy: Reaching and Teaching the 21st Century Adolescent, Author: Tom Bean

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