Title: Possessions, Author: Nancy Holder
Title: Possessions, Book One: Unclean Getaway, Author: Ray Fawkes
Title: Possessions: Book Two: The Ghost Table, Author: Ray Fawkes
Title: The Evil Within: A Possessions Novel, Author: Nancy Holder
Title: Possessions: Book Three: The Better House Trap, Author: Ray Fawkes
Title: Possessions 3, Author: Nicole Salaz
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Title: The Screaming Season, Author: Nancy Holder
Title: Possessions Vol. 4: The Final Tantrum, Author: Ray Fawkes
Title: Home ownership in a risk society: A social analysis of mortgage arrears and possessions, Author: Janet Ford
Title: Dematerializing: Taming The Power Of Possessions, Author: Jane Hammerslough