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Title: Lapidary, Author: Richard Marx Weinraub
Title: Last Call, Author: David Elsasser
Title: Landscapes of Light: Poems, Author: B. E. Kahn
Title: the woman who wouldn't shake hands, Author: Chocolate Waters
Title: School for the Blind, Author: Daniel Simpson
Title: The Cupcake Chronicles, Author: Patricia Carragon
Title: Meowku, Author: Patricia Carragon
Title: Second Sight: Poems, Author: George Held
Title: #Me Too, Anch'io, Author: Daniela Gioseffi
Title: Wordglass, Author: Robert Kramer
Title: The Key: Lady Grizzly & Sir Charles Otter, Author: Ice Gayle Johnson
Title: Waging Beauty: As the Polar Bear Dreams of Ice, Author: Daniela Gioseffi
Title: Funhouse, Author: Efrayim Levenson
Title: Your Infidel Eyes, Author: Brant Lyon
Title: Cloverleaf, Author: Geer Austin
Title: Gathered at Her Sky: Life Poems, Author: Tshombe Sekou Harris
Title: Green Rain: Poems, Author: Mary Orovan
Title: Bubbles: One Conscious Breath, Author: Tantra Zawadi
Title: Dances With Tears, Author: Efrayim Levenson
Title: Outside Girl, Author: Cyndi Dawson

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