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Title: 'Dancing As If Language No Longer Existed': Dance in Contemporary Irish Drama, Author: Katarzyna Ojrzynska
Title: 'Hear My Song': Irish Theatre and Popular Song in the 1950s and 1960s, Author: Joseph Greenwood
Title: 'Inspiring a Mysterious Terror': 200 Years of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Author: Jarlath Killeen
Title: 'National Education' through Mutually Supportive Devices:: A case study of Zionist education, Author: Yuval Dror
Title: 'Non senza scandalo delli convicini': pratiche musicali nelle istituzioni religiose femminili a Napoli 1650-1750, Author: Angela Fiore
Title: 'Otherness' in Space and Architecture: Jews, Muslims and Christians in Western European Art (1200-1650), Author: Maria Portmann
Title: 'Power to Observe': Irish Women Novelists in Britain, 1890-1916, Author: Whitney Standlee
Title: 'Tickling the Palate': Gastronomy in Irish Literature and Culture, Author: Eamon Maher
Title: 'Undetermined' Ukrainians: Post-War Narratives of the Waffen SS 'Galicia' Division, Author: Olesya Khromeychuk
Title: (Re)defining gender in early modern English drama: Power, sexualities and ideologies in text and performance, Author: María José Álvarez-Faedo
Title: (Re)visiting Translation: Linguistic and Cultural Issues across Genres, Author: Paola Attolino
Title: 200 Jahre Berliner Universitaet- 200 Jahre Berliner Germanistik- 1810-2010: Teil III, Author: Brigitte Peters
Title: ????????? ??????????? - La sémantique des connecteurs: ?????????????? ?????? ???????? - Méthodes quantitatives d'analyse, Author: Olga Inkova
Title: A Civil War of Words: The Cultural Impact of the Great War in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and a Glance at Latin America, Author: Xavier Pla
Title: A Class Apart: The Military Man in French and British Fiction, 1740-1789, Author: Karen Lacey
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Title: A contre-courant- Gegen den Strom: Résistances souterraines à l'autorité et construction de contrecultures dans les pays germanophones au XXe siècle, Author: Cécilia Fernandez
Title: A Corpus-Based Study of Nominalization in Translations of Chinese Literary Prose: Three Versions of

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