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Title: 'Undetermined' Ukrainians: Post-War Narratives of the Waffen SS 'Galicia' Division, Author: Olesya Khromeychuk
Title: The 'Stolpersteine' and the Commemoration of Life, Death and Government: A Philosophical Archaeology, Author: Lars Östman
Title: Shaping the Futures of (Vocational) Education and Work: Commitment of VET and VET Research, Author: Gabriele Molzberger
Title: False Friends in Learner Corpora: A corpus-based study of English false friends in the written and spoken production of Spanish learners, Author: M Luisa Roca-Varela
Title: Choices and Constraints; Gender Differences in the Employment Expectations of Final Year Undergraduates in a University in Central China, Author: Jian Zhu
Title: Revisiting Space: Space and Place in European Cinema / Edition 1, Author: Wendy Everett
Title: La variation pluridimensionnelle: Une analyse de la négation en français, Author: Charlotte Meisner
Title: Governance Revisited: Challenges and Opportunities for Vocational Education and Training, Author: Regula Bürgi
Title: La pédagogie de l'enseignement supérieur : repères théoriques et applications pratiques: Tome 2 : Se développer au titre d'enseignant, Author: Nicole Rege-Colet
Title: Language, reason and education: Studies in honor of Eddo Rigotti, Author: Giovanni Gobber
Title: Das Lernen angehender Lehrpersonen: Eine empirische Untersuchung an der Paedagogischen Hochschule Zuerich, Author: Esther Ruffo
Title: Intercultural Policies and Education, Author: Susana Gonçalves
Title: Gendered Masks of Liminality and Race: Black Female Trickster's Subversion of Hegemonic Discourse in African American Women Literature, Author: Yomna Saber
Title: Rethinking Learning Networks; Collaborative Possibilities for a Deleuzian Century, Author: Annelies Kamp
Title: Nature: Its Conceptual Architecture, Author: Louis Caruana
Title: I «Synonyma» di Isidoro di Siviglia e lo «stilus isidorianus»: Interpretazione letteraria e studio dello stile con riferimento alle meditazioni di Pier Damiani, Giovanni di Fécamp e Anselmo d'Aosta, Author: Giuseppe Botturi
Title: Navid Kermani, Author: Helga Druxes
Title: The Languages of Dubbing: Mainstream Audiovisual Translation in Italy, Author: Elisa Ghia
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Title: Baustelle Religion: Eine empirische Untersuchung zum schulischen Religionsunterricht im Kanton Bern, Author: Maurice Baumann
Title: Investigating Conflict Discourses in the Periodical Press, Author: Giuliana Elena Garzone

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