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Title: «New Portuguese Letters» to the World: International Reception, Author: Ana Luísa Amaral
Title: Otto Dix and the First World War: Grotesque Humor, Camaraderie and Remembrance, Author: Michael Mackenzie
Title: No Women Jump Out!: Gender Exclusion, Labour Organization and Political Leadership in Antigua 1917-1970, Author: Christolyn Williams
Title: Metamorphoses of Science Fiction: On the Poetics and History of a Literary Genre, Author: Darko Suvin
Title: Desigualdades, diferencias y experiencias de (no) pertenencia en educación: Perspectivas transdisciplinares en contextos de diversidad, Author: Ana Bravo-Moreno
Title: Literatura política y política literaria en España: Del Desastre del 98 a Felipe VI, Author: Guillermo Lain Corona
Title: The Stereotype of the Priest in the Old French Fabliaux: Anticlerical Satire and Lay Identity, Author: Daron Burrows
Title: Wonderlands: The Last Romances of William Morris, Author: Phillippa Bennett
Title: Contemporary Greek Film Cultures from 1990 to the Present, Author: Tonia Kazakopoulou
Title: Corps écrit, corps écrivant: Le corps féminin dans les littératures francophones des Amériques, Author: Claudia Labrosse
Title: Translating Dialects and Languages of Minorities: Challenges and Solutions, Author: Federico Federici
Title: Therapiezufriedenheit von Drogenabhaengigen: Der Stellenwert von Persoenlichkeitsaspekten, Behandlungsbeurteilung und Institutionsmerkmalen im stationaeren Setting, Author: Ralph H.U. Wettach
Title: The Absolute Solution: Nabokov's Response to Tyranny, 1938, Author: Andrew Caulton
Title: The Shaping of English Poetry: Essays on 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight', Langland, Chaucer and Spenser, Author: Gerald Morgan
Title: Bauen und Erhalten in al-Andalus: Bau- und Restaurierungspraxis in der Moschee-Kathedrale von Córdoba, Author: Francine Giese
Title: Remembering Rosenstrasse: History, Memory and Identity in Contemporary Germany, Author: Hilary Potter
Title: Globalization, Translation and Transmission: Sino-Judaic Cultural Identity in Kaifeng, China, Author: Moshe Y. Bernstein
Title: Falling for Gravity: Invisible Forces in Contemporary Art, Author: Catherine James
Title: Stampa e regimi: Studi su
Title: Definitions of Irishness in the 'Library of Ireland' Literary Anthologies, Author: Anne MacCarthy

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