Title: Seeker (Sweep Series #10), Author: Cate Tiernan
#10 in Series
Title: Mysteries of the Temple of Set, Author: Don Webb Ips
Title: The Seven Faces of Darkness, Author: Don Webb Ips
Title: The Mysteries of the Goths, Author: Edred Thorsson
Title: Runarmal II, Author: Stephen Edred Flowers
Title: The Magician and the Spirits, Author: Deborah Noyes
Title: True Brothers, Author: Edred Thorsson
Title: Freemasonry and the Germanic Tradition, Author: Guido Von List
Title: Rune-Magic, Author: Siegfried Adolf Kummer
Title: Runes and Magic, Author: Stephen E Flowers PH.D.
Title: The Book of Ogham, Author: Michael Kelly MD