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Title: Navigating the Living Waters of the Gospel of John, Author: Paul N. Anderson
Title: Feminine Aspects of Divinity, Author: Erminie Huntress Lantero
Title: Loyalty by Oath: An Essay on the Extortion of Love, Author: Hallock Hoffman
Title: Without Nightfall Upon the Spirit, Author: Mary Morrison
Title: The Sanctuary Church, Author: Jim Corbett
#270 in Series
Title: On Hallowing One's Diminishments, Author: John Yungblut
#292 in Series
Title: Quaker Worship and Techniques of Meditation, Author: Scott Crom
Title: The Light Within: Then and Now, Author: Rex Ambler
Title: On Speaking out of the Silence, Author: Douglas V. Steere
Title: Rethinking Quaker Principles, Author: Rufus Jones
Title: Wide Horizon, Author: Anna Brinton
#38 in Series
Title: Friends and the World of Nature, Author: Theodor Benfey
Title: God Raising Us: Parenting as a Spiritual Practice, Author: Eileen Flanagan
Title: Functional Poverty, Author: Mildred Binns Young
#6 in Series
Title: Mysticism and the Experience of Love, Author: Howard Thurman
Title: Revelation and Experience, Author: Carol R. Murphy
Title: Philosophy of the Inner Light, Author: Michael Marsh
Title: William Penn: 17th Century Founding Father, Author: Edwin B. Bronner
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Title: War is the Enemy, Author: A. J. Muste
#15 in Series
Title: Fire of the Heart: Norman Morrisons Legacy in Viet Nam and at Home, Author: Anne Morrison Welsh

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