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Title: Cooperation and Coercion as Methods of Social Change, Author: Vincent D. Nicholson
Title: A Religious Solution to the Social Problem, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: The Value of Voluntary Simplicity, Author: Richard B. Gregg
Title: The Totalitarian Claim of the Gospels, Author: Dora Willson
Title: Pacifist Program in Time of War, Threatened War, or Facism, Author: Richard B. Gregg
Title: Functional Poverty, Author: Mildred Binns Young
#6 in Series
Title: A Quaker Mutation, Author: Gerald Heard
#7 in Series
Title: Rethinking Quaker Principles, Author: Rufus Jones
Title: Community and Worship, Author: Douglas V. Steere
Title: A Discipline for Non-Violence, Author: Richard R. Gregg
Title: A Standard of Living, Author: Mildred Binns Young
Title: The World Task of Pacifism, Author: A. J. Muste
Title: Religion and Politics, Author: F. W. Sollmann
#14 in Series
Title: War is the Enemy, Author: A. J. Muste
#15 in Series
Title: Peacemakers Dilemma, Author: Bertram Pickard
#16 in Series
Title: New Nations for Old, Author: Kenneth Boulding
#17 in Series
Title: Anthology with Comments, Author: Elizabeth Janet Gray Vining
Title: Participation in Rural Life, Author: Mildred Binns Young
Title: Guide to Quaker Practice, Author: Howard H. Brinton
Title: Reality Of The Spiritual World, Author: Kelly Thomas

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