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Title: Concession Stand Crimes: The Ballpark Mysteries Book 2, Author: Nicole Asselin
Title: Love's Misadventure: The Mason Siblings Series, Author: Cheri Champagne
Title: 10 Days: A DEE ROMMEL MYSTERY, Author: Jule Selbo
Title: The Teratologist, Author: Ward Parker
Title: Southbound, Author: Jason Beem
Title: This Darkness Got To Give, Author: Dave Housley
Title: Fate's Past, Author: Jason Huebinger
Title: The Long Way Home, Author: Regina West
Title: Phaethon, Author: Rachel Sharp
Title: The Teratologist: The Teratologist Series: Book One, Author: Ward Parker
Title: Rogue Alliance, Author: Michelle Bellon
Title: Crimson Moon, Author: Christine Gabriel
Title: Sitnalta, Author: Alisse Lee Goldenberg
Title: Evening in the Yellow Wood, Author: Laura Kemp
Title: The Shape of the Atmosphere, Author: Jessica Dainty
Title: Beautiful Secret, Author: Dana Faletti
Title: The Last Detective, Author: Brian Cohn
Title: The Kingdom Thief: Sitnalta Series Book 2, Author: Alisse  Lee Goldenberg
Title: Becoming Thuperman, Author: Elgon Williams
Title: Juggling Kittens, Author: Matt Coleman

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