Title: 8 Days: A Dee Rommel Mystery, Author: Selbo
Title: Murder at First Pitch: Ball Park Mysteries: Book 1, Author: Nicole Asselin
Title: To Kill A Unicorn, Author: DC Palter
Title: Pariah: Book 1 in The Zeke Adams Series, Author: Ward Parker
Title: Southbound, Author: Jason Beem
Title: The Tokyo Diversion: The David Knight Series: Book 2, Author: Tony Ollivier
Title: Phaethon, Author: Rachel Sharp
Title: Find Me In Florence, Author: Jule Selbo
Title: Fate's Past, Author: Jason Huebinger
Title: The Mean Bone in Her Body, Author: Laura Ellen Scott
Title: Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce, Author: Elgon Williams
Title: Crimson Moon, Author: Christine Gabriel
Title: The Song of Hadariah: Dybbuk Scrolls Trilogy, Author: Alisse Lee Goldenberg
Title: Becoming Thuperman, Author: Elgon Williams
Title: The Hedgewitch's Charm: The Sitnalta Series, Author: Alisee Lee Goldenberg
Title: The Ramadan Drummer, Author: Randolph Splitter
Title: The Island of Mystics: The Children of Colondona: Book 2, Author: Alisse Lee Goldenberg
Title: Beautiful Secret, Author: Dana Faletti
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Title: The Unraveling of Brendan Meeks, Author: Brian Cohn
Title: The Kingdom Thief, Author: Alisse Lee Goldenberg

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