Title: A Respite for the Dead, Author: Lucy Taylor
Title: The Keeper of Chernobyl, Author: Alessandro Manzetti
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Title: Ghastly Tales of Gaiety and Greed: Unauthorized and Haunted Cedar Point, Author: E.F. Schraeder
Title: What Immortal Hand, Author: Johnny Worthen
Title: Winter Horror Days, Author: Kevin Wetmore
Title: Astoria, Author: S.P. Miskowski
Title: Plantation Pan, Author: Eddie Generous
Title: Delphine Dodd, Author: S. P. Miskowski
Title: Torment, Author: Greg Chapman
Title: Cruce Roosters, Author: Brent Michael Kelley
Title: Backwater, Author: Tom Deady
Title: Keep Away From Psycho Joe, Author: Brent Michael Kelley
Title: Detritus, Author: Kate Jonez
Title: The Rat Pack in the Walls, Author: Ian Welke
Title: Slave Stories: Scenes from the Slave State, Author: Chris Kelso
Title: In the Light, Author: S.P. Miskowski
Title: Club Cloud and Queen, Author: Victor O'Neil
Title: Ceremony of Flies, Author: Kate Jonez
Title: Little Visible Delight, Author: Lynda E. Rucker
Title: Satan's Fan Club, Author: Mark Kirkbride

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