Title: Blood & Lust: The Insignificant Life of Rick Blume, Author: Craig V. Abbott II
Title: Check the Chooks! (Hardback), Author: Nanette Hanna
Title: The Tail Of The Five Pupkateers (Hardback), Author: TBD
Title: From Salvation to Survival, Author: Noah Kling
Title: Arabian Gulf, Author: Kamal Razak
Title: Eternal Journeys, Author: Walid Touma
Title: 60 Year Journey with Lambretta, Author: Dick Sedgley
Title: Seeks Far: Book One of the Lenape Series, Author: Clare E. McCarthy
Title: The Most Fateful Betrayal, Author: Laxmi Yogesh
Title: The Happy Tree Book of Children's Verse, Author: Leonor Varella
Title: Empires in the Sky, Author: Stuart Hill
Title: Virgin Ground, Author: Maggie Lett
Title: Mr. Owl's Classroom Presents: Allie the Alligator, Author: Will Kelly
Title: Voyage of Faith, Author: Mira Histed
Title: The Village That Fell Into Hell, Author: David Charles Smith
Title: It All Began in Warsaw, Author: Gerard J Womack
Title: Annie's Alphabet Adventures, Author: Carla Du Plessis
Title: Inside Out, Author: Matrin Foroz
Title: River Gold, Author: Alan Perrie
Title: Dreamland, Author: Klaus Schwamborn

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