Title: Tangle on the Plateau, Author: Maxwell Davwet
Title: The Legend of the Stones of Life, Author: Peter Kent
Title: Love's Champion, Author: Ingrid Lynch
Title: A Voice Cried Out In The Concrete Wilderness, Author: Israel L. Monzon Gonzalez
Title: Contradictions of a Chainsmoker, Author: Alya H
Title: Love is Blind, Author: Thomas Rowan
Title: Carson's Camera Goes to War, Author: Diane Tuppack
Title: Chaos That Never Ends, Author: Gladys Mouro
Title: Check the Chooks! (Hardback), Author: Nanette Hanna
Title: Under a Blood Red Moon, Author: Melissa Nourse
Title: Radio Spitfire, Author: Brian Eaton
Title: Like the Sun, Author: Alanoud Nasser .J
Title: The Gap, Author: Sylvia Hawk'sbee
Title: Horse Karma, Author: Amber Zierath
Title: Love and Revolution, Author: Benjamin Maryanan
Title: No Exit, Author: Rachael Lee
Title: Trust, Author: Geoff Parton
Title: Then Came You, Author: Veralyn Keach
Title: Sadij, The Idiot, Author: Ahmed El Hamzaoui
Title: Mother Earth Legends: Eleven Stories for the Eleventh Hour, Author: Dianne Homan

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