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Title: Missing Letters: An Alphabet Book, Author: Samuel Otten
Title: Lorelei, Author: Jamie McCormick
Title: The Adventures of Tag and Tilly, Author: Matthew Ruffle
Title: When the Night Has Come, Author: Matthew Sheimo
Title: Kai and Gaia Discover The Gyre, Author: Kristal Ambrose
Title: Yes, Mother!, Author: Kody Jarvis
Title: The Caterpillar Who was Afraid to Fly, Author: Jessica Ruiz
Title: The ABCs of Compassion, Author: Carla Koala
Title: Women of Colour Made a Difference in the Era of the Revolutionary War: The Birth of Black America?, Author: Marion .  T Lane
Title: My Autobiography, Author: Ilya Shambat
Title: Girls of the World, Author: Violet Bear
Title: From Salvation to Survival, Author: Noah Kling
Title: Pickle Gets Adopted, Author: Bridget Holck
Title: Ralphie Meets the Queen, Author: Susan Pokorny
Title: Great Grandma Joins The Circus, Author: Lois Davis
Title: A Mouse the Size of a Moose, Author: Zee Zee
Title: Princess Eleanor, Author: Michelle Guerrero
Title: COVID Girl, Author: Andrea Latimer
Title: The Craziest Camping Trip, Author: Violet Piper
Title: The Lotus Dance, Author: Alexander Andrews

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