Title: The Fear of Breathing: Stories from the Syrian Revolution, Author: Ruth Sherlock
Title: An Incident at the Border, Author: Kieran Lynn
Title: Gielgoodies!: The Wit and Wisdom (& Gaffes) of John Gielgud, Author: Jonathan Croall
Title: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Author: Glyn Maxwell
Title: Games For Lovers, Author: Ryan Craig
Title: Fake It 'Til You Make It, Author: Bryony Kimmings
Title: The Green Bay Tree, Author: Mordaunt Shairp
Title: This Beautiful Village, Author: Lisa Tierney-Keogh
Title: Some People Talk About Violence, Author: Lulu Raczka
Title: Mrs Reynolds and the Ruffian, Author: Gary Owen
Title: Great Expectations: Adapted for the Stage by Neil Bartlett, Author: Charles Dickens
Title: Arthur's World, Author: Helena Thompson
Title: A Voyage Round My Father, Author: John Mortimer
Title: The Acid Test, Author: Anya Reiss
Title: Doctor Faustus, Author: Christopher Marlowe
Title: This Beautiful Future, Author: Rita Kalnejais
Title: Tactical Questioning: Scenes from the Baha Mousa Inquiry, Author: Richard Norton-Taylor
Title: Idomeneus, Author: Roland Schimmelpfennig
Title: Rise Up, Author: Lisa Evans
Title: Bitch Boxer, Author: Charlotte Josephine

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