Title: The Dean's List, Author: Kelly Collins
Title: Delivering Decker, Author: Kelly Collins
Title: Knowing about Authentication Procedures, Author: Christo Ananth
Title: Ajax's Journey: Advent of Destiny/Midnight Twilight, Author: Beckett Baldwin
Title: Conversation Starters Quiet by Susan Cain, Author: Dailybooks
Title: The Trouble With Tinsel: A Small Town Christmas Novel, Author: Kelly Collins
Title: Conversation Starters Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Author: Dailybooks
Title: The Artist's Touch, Author: Rebecca Sharp
Title: Can You Find Me, Author: Stan Carr
Title: Zombies Scare Me 100 (Francaise Edition), Author: I. D. Oro
#100 in Series
Title: Gosnell, Author: JJ Steins
Title: Conversation Starters Rising Strong by Brene Brown, Author: Dailybooks
Title: Shattered Dreams, Author: Lanee' Blunt
Title: DEAD END STREET, Author: R.L. Herron
#4 in Series
Title: Mexico Wall (Edition Francaise), Author: I. D. Oro
Title: Ed's Journey: The Semi-Finals, Author: Beckett Baldwin
Title: Love Me Like You Do, Author: E. A. Weston
Title: The Red Barn, Author: J.M. Luz Eugene
Title: Truthfully Yours, Author: Lanee' Blunt
Title: Set in Stone, Author: Kelly Collins

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