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Title: 3D Scientific Visualization with Blender / Edition 1, Author: Brian R. Kent
Title: Spiral Structure in Galaxies / Edition 1, Author: Marc S Seigar
Title: Halo Nuclei / Edition 1, Author: Jim Al-Khalili
Title: The Electrostatic Accelerator: A Versatile Tool / Edition 1, Author: Ragnar Hellborg
Title: Beyond Curie: Four Women in Physics and Their Remarkable Discoveries, 1903 to 1963 / Edition 1, Author: Scott Calvin
Title: Adiabatic Quantum Computation and Quantum Annealing: Theory and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Catherine C. McGeoch
Title: An Introduction to Quantum Monte Carlo Methods / Edition 1, Author: Tao Pang
Title: Nanoparticle (NP)-Based Delivery Vehicles / Edition 1, Author: Navid Rabiee
Title: The Mössbauer Effect / Edition 1, Author: Richard A. Dunlap
Title: Molecular Photophysics and Spectroscopy, Author: David L Andrews
Title: Liquid Crystals through Experiments, Author: Mojca Cepic
Title: Introduction to Smart Antennas / Edition 1, Author: Constantine Balanis
Title: The Epistemology of Intelligent Semantic Web Systems / Edition 1, Author: Mathieu d'Aquin
Title: Semiconductor Integrated Optics for Switching Light, Author: Charlie Ironside
Title: Theory of Electromagnetic Pulses / Edition 1, Author: John Lekner
Title: Carbon Nanotubes in Drug and Gene Delivery, Author: Mahdi Karimi
Title: Introduction to the Mathematical Physics of Nonlinear Waves, Author: Minoru Fujimoto
Title: Crystal Engineering: How Molecules Build Solids / Edition 1, Author: Jeffrey H Williams
Title: Confocal Microscopy, Author: Jian Liu
Title: Stimuli-Responsive Polymers: Nano-Dimension / Edition 1, Author: Navid Rabiee

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