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Title: Pulp on Pulp: Tips and Tricks for Writing Pulp Fiction, Author: Kit Sun Cheah
Title: The Hearts' Enchantment, Author: Misha Burnett
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Title: Dark Fantasies, Author: Misha Burnett
Title: Sins of the Gods: Twisted Tales of Mythology (Sins of Time, #3), Author: Chasity Nicole
Title: The Wand that Rocks the Cradle: Magical Stories of Family, Author: Misha Burnett
Title: The Worms Of Heaven, Author: Misha Burnett
Title: Asteroids!: Stories of Space Adventure, Author: Tim Ackerson
Title: StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue Seven, Author: Dominika Lien
Title: The Heart's Enchantment, Author: Cedar Sanderson
Title: Sidearm & Sorcery Volume One, Author: Bryce Beattie
Title: Cannibal Hearts, Author: Misha Burnett
Title: Switchblade: Issue Eleven, Author: John Timm
Title: Bad Dreams and Broken Hearts: The Case Files of Erik Rugar, Author: Misha Burnett
Title: Catskinner's Book: The Book Of Lost Doors, Author: Misha Burnett
Title: Gingerbread Wolves, Author: Misha Burnett