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Title: Love Poems from a Frangipani Garden, Author: Ramya Chamalie Jirasinghe
Title: Archipelagos, Author: Leslie W Bell
Title: Book of Days, Author: Vaughan Pilikian
Title: Certain Roses: Poems 1980 - 2010, Author: Angela Livingstone
Title: Plain Text, Author: Michael Vince
Title: Credo, Author: Mervyn Linford
Title: Learning How to Sing, Author: James Aitchison
Title: ILL NATURE, Author: John McKeown
Title: The Giddings, Author: John Greening
Title: Zone, Author: Stuart Laycock
Title: The God's Orbit, Author: Aura Christi
Title: Long Distance, Author: Michael Vince
Title: The Gates of Light, Author: James Aitchison
Title: Graphologies, Author: Phil Cohen
Title: Is That All There Is?, Author: Margaret Eddershaw
Title: Edges, Author: James Aitchison
Title: Finland - The Kekkonen Years, Author: William Bell
Title: The Death of Galahad: a poem written in English thought of as the common language of Europe., Author: Domenico Iannaco
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Title: Just Us, Author: Sally Heilbut
Title: A Last Look, Author: Robert Wells

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