Title: The Illustrated History of Canada: 25th Anniversary Edition / Edition 25, Author: Craig Brown
Title: The English Housewife, Author: Gervase Markham
Title: Ingmar Bergman: Magician and Prophet, Author: Marc Gervais
Title: Chora 6: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture, Author: Alberto Perez-Gomez
Title: Chora 3: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture, Author: Alberto Perez-Gomez
Title: In Armageddon's Shadow: The Civil War and Canada's Maritime Provinces, Author: Greg Marquis
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Title: Mass Capture: Chinese Head Tax and the Making of Non-Citizens, Author: Lily Cho
Title: Being at Large: Freedom in the Age of Alternative Facts, Author: Santiago Zabala
Title: Time and Space: Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Barry Francis Dainton
Title: The Same but Different: Hockey in Quebec, Author: Jason Blake
Title: Plants, People, and Places: The Roles of Ethnobotany and Ethnoecology in Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights in Canada and Beyond, Author: Nancy J. Turner
Title: Ethics for a Broken World: Imagining Philosophy after Catastrophe, Author: Tim Mulgan
Title: Saturn and Melancholy: Studies in the History of Natural Philosophy, Religion, and Art, Author: Raymond Klibansky
Title: The Once and Future Great Lakes Country: An Ecological History, Author: John L. Riley
Title: Psychedelic Prophets: The Letters of Aldous Huxley and Humphry Osmond, Author: Cynthia Carson Bisbee
Title: The Philosophy of Hegel, Author: Allen Speight
Title: The Age of Secularization, Author: Augusto Del Noce
Title: Slut-Shaming, Whorephobia, and the Unfinished Sexual Revolution, Author: Meredith Ralston
Title: Sound and Noise: A Listener's Guide to Everyday Life, Author: Marcia Jenneth Epstein
Title: Christ, God's Companionship with Man, Author: Luigi Giussani

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