Title: Armageddon, Author: Antonio Emmanuel
Title: Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man, Author: Brian Reed
Title: Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, Author: Matt Kindt
#1 in Series
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Title: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: World of Reading: This is Moon Girl: (Level 2), Author: Tonya Leslie
Title: Abruzzo For Us, Author: Jan Madej
Title: Iron Man 2: Public Identity, Author: Joe Casey
Title: Ruins Of Ravencroft, Author: Frank Tieri
#1 in Series
Title: Fantastic Four: The Prodigal Sun, Author: Peter David
Title: Hulk: World War Hulks - Hulked out Heroes, Author: Jeff Parker
Title: Ghost Rider Vol. 3: Apocalypse Soon, Author: Daniel Way
Title: Secret Invasion: Black Panther, Author: Jason Aaron
Title: Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol. 4: Inhuman, Author: Mike Carey
Title: Spider-Man: The Return of Anti-Venom, Author: Dan Slott
Title: Giant-Size X-Men: Tribute To Wein & Cockrum Gallery Edition, Author: Len Wein
Title: Thor: Wolves of the North, Author: Mike Carey
Title: Legends Of Marvel: Spider-Man, Author: Peter David
Title: Civil War: Captain America, Author: Ed Brubaker
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Title: Spider-Man: Anti-Venom, Author: Zeb Wells
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Title: Legends Of Marvel: X-Men, Author: Larry Hama
Title: X-Men: Summers And Winter, Author: Various
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