Title: Marvel Monograph: The Art of Humberto Ramos - Spider-Man, Author: Humberto Ramos
Title: Marvel's Captain Marvel: The Art of the Movie, Author: Eleni Roussos
Title: Marvel Monograph: The Art of Ed McGuinness ' Deadpool & His Amazing Friends, Author: John Rhett Thomas
Title: Marvel Sticker Art Puzzles, Author: Steve Behling
Title: Secret Empire Prelude, Author: Marvel Comics
Title: Marvel Masterworks: Doctor Strange Vol. 7, Author: Roger Stern
Title: Civil War II Fallout, Author: Al Ewing
Title: Avengers K Book 4: Secret Invasion, Author: Marvel Comics
Title: Marvel Los Avengers: La Enciclopedia, Author: Matt Forbeck
Title: Marvel Action: Black Panther: Stormy Weather (Book One), Author: Kyle Baker
Title: Captain America: Dark Designs Prose Novel, Author: Stefan Petrucha
Title: Decades: Marvel in the 10s - Legends and Legacy, Author: Brian Michael Bendis
Title: Drawmaster Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man: Spider-Man and Shocker (Starter Set), Author: Imports Dragon
Title: The Meaning of Star Trek: An Excursion into the Myth and Marvel of the Star Trek Universe, Author: Thomas Richards
Title: Destroyer by Robert Kirkman, Author: Marvel Comics
Title: Marvel Monograph: The Art of Adi Granov, Author: Adi Granov
Title: Marvel Knights Fantastic Four By Aguirre-Sacasa, Mcniven & Muniz: The Complete Collection Vol. 1, Author: Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
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Title: Marvel Universe by Chris Claremont Omnibus, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Marvel Knights Marvel Boy by Morrison & Jones, Author: Grant Morrison
Title: Secret Wars: Last Days of the Marvel Universe, Author: Al Ewing

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