Title: Monsters in the closet: Homosexuality and the Horror Film / Edition 1, Author: Harry Benshoff
Title: Same-sex desire in early modern England, 1550-1735: An anthology of literary texts and contexts, Author: Marie Loughlin
Title: Beginning theory: An introduction to literary and cultural theory: Fourth edition, Author: Peter Barry
Title: The Etruscan language: An Introduction / Edition 1, Author: Giuliano Bonfante
Title: The Black Death / Edition 1, Author: Manchester University Press
Title: The fantasy fiction formula, Author: Deborah Chester
Title: The Tempest, Author: Virginia Vaughan
Title: The Idea of the Avant Garde: And What It Means Today, Author: Marc James Léger
Title: The secret life of romantic comedy, Author: Celestino Deleyto
Title: Scandinavian politics today: Third edition, Author: David Arter
Title: Law and violence: Christoph Menke in dialogue, Author: Christoph Menke
Title: Writing the Welsh borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England, Author: Lindy Brady
Title: Galatea, Author: John Lyly
Title: The world of El Cid: Chronicles of the Spanish Reconquest, Author: Rosemary Horrox
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Title: The Historian's Craft, Author: Marc Bloch
Title: 'Curing queers': Mental nurses and their patients, 1935-74, Author: Tommy Dickinson
Title: The military leadership of Matilda of Canossa, 1046-1115, Author: David Hay
Title: German Expressionism: Der Blaue Reiter and its legacies, Author: Dorothy Price
Title: Imperial nostalgia: How the British conquered themselves, Author: Peter Mitchell
Title: Propaganda and Empire: The manipulation of British public opinion, 1880-1960, Author: John M. MacKenzie

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