Title: Female Fortune: The Anne Lister Diaries, 1833-36: Land, gender and authority: New Edition, Author: Jill Liddington
Title: Beginning theory: An introduction to literary and cultural theory: Fourth edition, Author: Peter Barry
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Title: The fantasy fiction formula, Author: Deborah Chester
Title: Monsters in the closet: Homosexuality and the Horror Film / Edition 1, Author: Harry Benshoff
Title: Faking it: Mock-documentary and the subversion of factuality, Author: Craig Hight
Title: The culture of fashion: A New History of Fashionable Dress, Author: Christopher Breward
Title: Ways of Knowing: A new history of science, technology and medicine / Edition 1, Author: John V. Pickstone
Title: Illegitimate Power: Bastards in Renaissance Drama, Author: Alison Findlay
Title: Roger II and the creation of the Kingdom of Sicily / Edition 1, Author: Rosemary Horrox
Title: Diaspora diplomacy: The politics of Turkish emigration to Europe, Author: Ayca Arkilic Pre-Order Now
Title: Same-sex desire in early modern England, 1550-1735: An anthology of literary texts and contexts, Author: Marie Loughlin
Title: The Historian's Craft, Author: Marc Bloch
Title: Hammer and beyond: The British horror film, Author: Peter Hutchings
Title: Germany's Russia problem: The struggle for balance in Europe, Author: John Lough
Title: The military leadership of Matilda of Canossa, 1046-1115, Author: David Hay
Title: The crisis of British Protestantism: Church power in the Puritan Revolution, 1638-44, Author: Hunter Powell
Title: Imperial nostalgia: How the British conquered themselves, Author: Peter Mitchell
Title: The American civil rights movement: A documentary history, Author: Robert Green Jr
Title: Galatea, Author: John Lyly
Title: Go home?: The politics of immigration controversies, Author: Hannah Jones

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