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Title: Female Fortune: The Anne Lister Diaries, 1833-36: Land, gender and authority: New Edition, Author: Jill Liddington
Title: Anna of Denmark: The material and visual culture of the Stuart courts, 1589-1619, Author: Jemma Field
Title: Beginning theory: An introduction to literary and cultural theory: Fourth edition, Author: Peter Barry
Title: The lives of Thomas Becket, Author: Rosemary Horrox
Title: Indo-Pacific Empire: China, America and the contest for the world's pivotal region, Author: Rory Medcalf
Title: The law of the sea: Fourth edition, Author: Robin Churchill
Title: Doctor Faustus, A- and B- Texts 1604: Christopher Marlowe / Edition 1, Author: Eric Rasmussen
Title: The fantasy fiction formula, Author: Deborah Chester
Title: The culture of fashion: A New History of Fashionable Dress, Author: Christopher Breward
Title: Modern German pronunciation: An introduction for speakers of English / Edition 2, Author: Christopher Hall
Title: Internal exile in Fascist Italy: History and representations of <i>confino</i>, Author: Piero Garofalo
Title: Global white nationalism: From apartheid to Trump, Author: Daniel Geary
Title: Sean Connery: Acting, stardom and national identity, Author: Andrew Spicer
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Title: Defense of the West: Transatlantic security from Truman to Trump, Second edition, Author: Stanley R. Sloan
Title: Same-sex desire in early modern England, 1550-1735: An anthology of literary texts and contexts, Author: Marie Loughlin
Title: Monsters in the closet: Homosexuality and the Horror Film / Edition 1, Author: Harry Benshoff
Title: Mummified: The stories behind Egyptian mummies in museums, Author: Angela Stienne
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Title: The Historian's Craft, Author: Marc Bloch
Title: The punk rock politics of Joe Strummer: Radicalism, resistance and rebellion, Author: Gregor Gall
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Title: The military leadership of Matilda of Canossa, 1046-1115, Author: David Hay

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