Title: Sandlot Triple Feature
Title: 8 Seconds
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Title: Goodnight for Justice: Triple Feature
Title: Normal Life
Title: The Sandlot: Heading Home
Title: Scoot and Kassie's Christmas Adventure
Title: Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency
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The Smoke Jumper
by Nicholas Evans
Narrated by  Luke Perry
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Title: The 2020 Presidential Election: Key Issues and Regional Dynamics, Author: Luke Perry
Title: Goodnight for Justice
Title: Donald Trump and the 2018 Midterm Battle for Central New York, Author: Luke Perry
Title: Beverly Hills 90210 - Season 5
Title: Religious Responses to Marriage Equality, Author: Luke Perry
Title: The 2020 Democratic Primary: Key Developments, Dynamics, and Lessons for 2024, Author: Luke Perry