Title: A Confederacy of Dunces (35th Anniversary Edition), Author: John Kennedy Toole
Title: President without a Party: The Life of John Tyler, Author: Christopher J. Leahy
Title: Zachary Taylor: Soldier, Planter, Statesman of the Old Southwest, Author: K. Jack Bauer
Title: Death in a Promised Land: The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, Author: Scott Ellsworth
Title: The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered, Author: Charles W. Mitchell
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Title: The Cachoeira Tales and Other Poems, Author: Marilyn Nelson
Title: Subjects in Poetry, Author: Daniel Brown
Title: The Enduring Civil War: Reflections on the Great American Crisis, Author: Gary W. Gallagher
Title: Hood's Texas Brigade: The Soldiers and Families of the Confederacy's Most Celebrated Unit, Author: Susannah J. Ural
Title: Above New Orleans: Roofscapes of the Crescent City, Author: Richard Campanella
Title: Alive Together: New and Selected Poems, Author: Lisel Mueller
Title: A. Philip Randolph, Pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement, Author: Paula F. Pfeffer
Title: The Collected Writings of Assia Wevill, Author: Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick
Title: Patterns of Poetry: An Encyclopedia of Forms, Author: Miller Williams
Title: Justice of Shattered Dreams: Samuel Freeman Miller and the Supreme Court during the Civil War Era, Author: Michael A. Ross
Title: In the Footsteps of Grant and Lee: The Wilderness through Cold Harbor, Author: Gordon C. Rhea Esq.
Title: Stephen A. Swails: Black Freedom Fighter in the Civil War and Reconstruction, Author: Gordon C. Rhea Esq.
Title: Civil War Witnesses and Their Books: New Perspectives on Iconic Works, Author: Gary W. Gallagher
Title: Confederate Conscription and the Struggle for Southern Soldiers, Author: John M. Sacher
Title: Frontiersman: Daniel Boone and the Making of America, Author: Meredith Mason Brown

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