Title: Figure Eight. A Northern Lakes Mystery, Author: Jeff Nania
Title: Spider Lake, Author: Jeff Nania
Title: Driftless Deceit, Author: Sue Berg
Title: David Couper: Beyond the Badge; Reflections of an Ex-cop, Author: Rob Zaleski
Title: Driftless Gold, Author: Sue Berg
Title: She's Done Pretending, Author: Niki Bergler
Title: Still Burning: Half a Century of Chicago, from the Streets to the Corridors of Power: A Memoir, Author: Jeremiah Joyce
Title: A Kid Called Eddie: Growing up in the Depression and War Years, Author: Edward Wendland
Title: MORE: A Memoir, Author: Michael Massey
Title: Faces of the Great Masters: Techniques from the Golden Age of Art, Author: Tom Griffith
Title: Driftless Treasure, Author: Sue Berg
Title: Get Me to The Abbey, Author: Lisa Avelleyra
Title: Afield: Portraits of Wisconsin Naturalists, Empowering Leopold's Legacy, Author: Sumner Matteson
Title: Return to Familiar Waters, Author: Scott Seymour
Title: Bridgeton, Author: Michael Knoedler
Title: Like a Swallow: Looking Back at a Polish Childhood, Author: Nina L. Camic
Title: 47 Strings. Tessa's Special Code, Author: Becky Carey
Title: Brave Crossing: A Journey In-Between, Author: Maria Alvarez Stroud
Title: Frenchtown Cemetery. Old Catholic Burying Ground. Prairie du Chien, Author: Mary Elise Antoine
Title: Who Are You?, Author: R.T. Lund

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