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Title: Time Management Handbook for Librarians, Author: J Wesley Cochran
Title: Library Records: A Retention and Confidentiality Guide, Author: Shirley A. Wiegand
Title: Managing Institutional Archives: Foundational Principles and Practices, Author: Richard J. Cox
Title: Our New Public, A Changing Clientele: Bewildering Issues or New Challenges for Managing Libraries?, Author: Gerard B. McCabe
Title: Automated Information Retrieval in Libraries: A Management Handbook, Author: Vicki Anders
Title: The Smaller Academic Library: A Management Handbook, Author: Gerard B. McCabe
Title: Strategic Management for Public Libraries: A Handbook, Author: Robert M. Hayes
Title: Managing Business Collections in Libraries, Author: Carolyn A. Sheehy
Title: Information Services for People with Developmental Disabilities: The Library Manager's Handbook, Author: Marilyn M. Irwin
Title: Reaching a Multicultural Student Community: A Handbook for Academic Librarians, Author: Karen Downing
Title: A Library Manager's Guide to the Physical Processing of Nonprint Materials, Author: Karen C. Driessen
Title: Exemplary Public Libraries: Lessons in Leadership, Management, and Service / Edition 1, Author: Joy M. Greiner
Title: Circulation Services in a Small Academic Library, Author: Constance Battaile
Title: Best Practices for Corporate Libraries, Author: Marjorie  J. Porter
Title: Expectations of Librarians in the 21st Century, Author: Karl Bridges
Title: Operations Handbook for the Small Academic Library: A Management Handbook, Author: Gerard B. McCabe
Title: Automation in Library Reference Services: A Handbook, Author: Robert Carande
Title: Managing Information Technology: A Handbook for Systems Librarians, Author: Patricia Ingersoll
Title: Leadership and Administration of Successful Archival Programs / Edition 1, Author: Bruce W. Dearstyne
Title: Collection Management for the 21st Century: A Handbook for Librarians / Edition 1, Author: Gary E. Gorman

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