Title: Seminar über Funktionen - Algebren / Edition 1, Author: John Wermer
Title: Cohomologie des espaces localement compacts d'apres J. Leray: Exposes faits au Seminaire de topologie algebrique de l'Ecole polytechnique federale au printemps 1951 / Edition 3, Author: Armand Borel
Title: Stochastic Games and Related Concepts, Author: T. Parthasarathy
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Title: Stable Homotopy Theory / Edition 3, Author: J. F. Adams
Title: Groups of Homotopy Classes: Rank formulas and homotopy-commutativity, Author: M. Arkowitz
Title: Cohomologie Galoisienne / Edition 5, Author: Jean-Pierre Serre
Title: Term Logic with Choice Operator / Edition 1, Author: Hans Hermes
Title: Introduction to Lie Groups and Transformation Groups / Edition 2, Author: Philippe Tondeur
Title: Linear Elliptic Differential Systems and Eigenvalue Problems / Edition 1, Author: Gaetano Fichera
Title: Pseudo-Boolean Programming and Applications: Presented at the Colloquium on Mathematics and Cybernetics in the Economy, Berlin, October 1964 / Edition 1, Author: P. L. Ivanescu
Title: Die Suzukigruppen und ihre Geometrien: Vorlesung / Edition 1, Author: Heinz Lüneburg
Title: Algèbre Locale, Multiplicités: Cours au Collège de France, 1957 - 1958 / Edition 3, Author: Jean-Pierre Serre
Title: Halbexakte Homotopiefunktoren, Author: Albrecht Dold
Title: Seminar on Fiber Spaces: Lectures delivered in 1964 in Berkeley and 1965 in Zürich / Edition 1, Author: Emery Thomas
Title: Vorlesung über Approximationstheorie / Edition 1, Author: Helmut Werner
Title: Commutative Group Schemes, Author: F. Oort
Title: Compact Systems of Sets / Edition 1, Author: Johann Pfanzagl
Title: Spherical Harmonics / Edition 1, Author: Claus Müller
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Title: Kategorien und Funktoren: Nach einer Vorlesung von D. Puppe / Edition 1, Author: H. B. Brinkmann
Title: Volumes, Limits and Extensions of Analytic Varieties / Edition 1, Author: Gabriel Stolzenberg

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