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Title: And Yet They Were Happy, Author: Helen Phillips
Title: Shores Beyond Shores: From Holocaust to Hope - My True Story, Author: Irene Hasenberg Butter
Title: From Holocaust to Hope: Shores Beyond Shores - A Bergen-Belsen Survivor's Life, Author: Irene Hasenberg Butter
Title: Cretaceous Dawn, Author: Lisa M. Graziano
Title: The Subway Stops at Bryant Park, Author: N. West Moss
Title: Flyover Country: A Milagro Mystery, Author: Katayoun Medhat Pre-Order Now
Title: Mayflower: The Voyage from Hell, Author: Kevin Jackson
Title: So You Want to Write (2nd Edition): How to Master the Craft of Writing Fiction and Memoir, Author: Marge Piercy
Title: Pelham Grenville Wodehouse - Volume 3:
Title: Secret Anniversaries of the Heart: New and Selected Stories by Lev Raphael, Author: Lev Raphael
Title: The German Money, Author: Lev Raphael
Title: Kiska, Author: John Smelcer
Title: The Quality of Mercy, Author: Katayoun Medhat
Title: The Trench Angel, Author: Michael Keenan Gutierrez
Title: The Solace of Monsters, Author: Laurie Blauner
Title: A Home for Unwed Husbands, Author: Molly Giles Pre-Order Now
Title: But First You Need a Plan: LEAPFROG GLOBAL FICTION PRIZE WINNER, Author: K L Anderson Pre-Order Now
Title: Midnight in the Guest Room, Author: Jan Bailey
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Title: The Divine Farce, Author: Michael S. A. Graziano
Title: Reading Claudius, Author: Caroline Heller

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