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Title: Tigana, Author: Guy Gavriel Kay
Title: Cauldron, Author: JacK McDevitt
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Title: Conjura del pasado, Author: Mary Jane Clark
Title: Naturaleza muerta (Still Life), Author: Louise Penny
Title: Protector (Known Space Series), Author: Larry Niven
Title: Sunshine (en español), Author: Robin McKinley
Title: Primera crónica, vampiro adolescente (Eighth Grade Bites), Author: Heather Brewer
Title: Deepsix (Priscilla
Title: Pensad en Flebas (Consider Phlebas), Author: Iain M. Banks
Title: Furia (Rage), Author: Jonathan Kellerman
#19 in Series
Title: Camelot 30K, Author: Robert L. Forward
Title: Espacio Revelación, Author: Alastair Reynolds
Title: En la estación basilísco (On Basilisk Station), Author: David Weber
Title: Cabal, Author: Clive Barker
Title: Nosferatu (Edad Oscura), Author: Gherbod Fleming
Title: Materia, Author: Iain M. Banks
Title: Proyecto Arcadia, Author: Greig Beck
Title: Flashforward, Author: Robert J. Sawyer
Title: La noche de los cuchillos (Night of Knives), Author: Ian C. Esslemont
Title: Área 7 (en español), Author: Matthew Reilly
#2 in Series

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