Title: Malcolm McDonald on Key Account Management, Author: Malcolm McDonald
Title: Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing, Author: Simon Kingsnorth
Title: The Success Factor: Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance, Author: Ruth Gotian
Title: The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success, Author: Colin Barrow
Title: Complete Training Evaluation: The Comprehensive Guide to Measuring Return on Investment, Author: Richard Griffin
Title: The Definitive Executive Assistant & Managerial Handbook: Leadership for PAs, Executive Assistants, Senior Administrators and Office Managers, Author: Sue France
Title: The Mindset of Success: Accelerate Your Career from Good Manager to Great Leader, Author: Jo Owen
Title: Love Your Imposter: Be Your Best Self, Flaws and All, Author: Rita Clifton
Title: Coherence: The Science of Exceptional Leadership and Performance, Author: Alan Watkins
Title: Mindset Matters: Developing Mental Agility and Resilience to Thrive in Uncertainty, Author: Gemma Leigh Roberts
Title: The Aptitude Test Workbook: Discover Your Potential and Improve Your Career Options with Practice Psychometric Tests, Author: Jim Barrett
Title: The Complete Personality Assessment: Psychometric Tests to Reveal Your True Potential, Author: Jim Barrett
Title: User Research: Improve Product and Service Design and Enhance Your UX Research, Author: Stephanie Marsh
Title: The Strategy-Driven Supply Chain: Integrating Strategy, Finance and Supply Chain for a Competitive Edge, Author: Bram DeSmet
Title: Data and Analytics Strategy for Business: Unlock Data Assets and Increase Innovation with a Results-Driven Data Strategy, Author: Simon Asplen-Taylor
Title: How to Organize Yourself: Simple Ways to Take Control, Save Time and Work More Efficiently, Author: John Caunt
Title: IQ and Personality Tests: Assess and Improve Your Creativity, Aptitude and Intelligence, Author: Philip Carter
Title: The Martech Handbook: Build a Technology Stack to Attract and Retain Customers, Author: Darrell Alfonso
Title: Data-Driven Organization Design: Delivering Perpetual Performance Gains Through the Organizational System, Author: Rupert Morrison
Title: Be Data Literate: The Data Literacy Skills Everyone Needs To Succeed, Author: Jordan Morrow

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