Title: Introduction to Global Logistics: Delivering the Goods / Edition 2, Author: John Manners-Bell
Title: From Start-Up to Grown-Up: Grow Your Leadership to Grow Your Business, Author: Alisa Cohn
Title: Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing / Edition 2, Author: Simon Kingsnorth
Title: The Inspirational Leader: How to Motivate, Encourage and Achieve Success, Author: John Adair
Title: Redefining HR: Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance, Author: Lars Schmidt
Title: The Nine Types of Leader: How the Leaders of Tomorrow Can Learn from The Leaders of Today, Author: James Ashton
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Title: To Be Honest: Lead with the Power of Truth, Justice and Purpose, Author: Ron A. Carucci
Title: How to Write a Business Plan: Win Backing and Support for Your Ideas and Ventures, Author: Brian Finch
Title: Activate Brand Purpose: How to Harness the Power of Movements to Transform Your Company, Author: Scott Goodson
Title: B2B Digital Marketing Strategy: How to Use New Frameworks and Models to Achieve Growth, Author: Simon Hall
Title: Excellence in People Analytics: How to Use Workforce Data to Create Business Value, Author: Jonathan Ferrar
Title: A Practitioner's Guide to Account-Based Marketing: Accelerating Growth in Strategic Accounts, Author: Bev Burgess
Title: The Graduate Psychometric Test Workbook: Essential Preparation for Quantative Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Verbal Reasoning Tests, Author: Mike Bryon
Title: The Robot-Proof Recruiter: A Survival Guide for Recruitment and Sourcing Professionals, Author: Katrina Collier
Title: The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media, Author: Carlos Gil
Title: Executive Finance and Strategy: How to Understand and Use Financial Information to Set Strategic Goals, Author: Ralph Tiffin
Title: Supply Chain Finance: Risk Management, Resilience and Supplier Management / Edition 1, Author: Wendy Tate
Title: Fashion Logistics: Insights into the Fashion Retail Supply Chain / Edition 2, Author: John Fernie
Title: Confident Cyber Security: How to Get Started in Cyber Security and Futureproof Your Career, Author: Jessica Barker
Title: Data Strategy: How to Profit from a World of Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things / Edition 1, Author: Bernard Marr

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