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Title: Big Change, Best Path: Successfully Managing Organizational Change with Wisdom, Analytics and Insight / Edition 1, Author: Warren Parry
Title: The Aptitude Test Workbook: Discover Your Potential and Improve Your Career Options with Practice Psychometric Tests, Author: Jim Barrett
Title: Mindset Matters: Developing Mental Agility and Resilience to Thrive in Uncertainty, Author: Gemma Leigh Roberts
Title: How to Write a Business Plan: Win Backing and Support for Your Ideas and Ventures, Author: Brian Finch
Title: How to Pass Numeracy Tests: Test Your Knowledge of Number Problems, Data Interpretation Tests and Number Sequences, Author: Harry Tolley
Title: The Success Factor: Developing the Mindset and Skillset for Peak Business Performance, Author: Ruth Gotian
Title: Introduction to People Analytics: A Practical Guide to Data-driven HR, Author: Nadeem Khan
Title: Redefining HR: Transforming People Teams to Drive Business Performance, Author: Lars Schmidt
Title: Be Data Literate: The Data Literacy Skills Everyone Needs To Succeed, Author: Jordan Morrow
Title: Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption, Author: Erica Stanford
Title: Virtual Leadership: Practical Strategies for Success with Remote or Hybrid Work and Teams, Author: Penny Pullan
Title: Confident Cyber Security: How to Get Started in Cyber Security and Futureproof Your Career, Author: Jessica Barker
Title: Questionnaire Design: How to Plan, Structure and Write Survey Material for Effective Market Research, Author: Kate Bolton
Title: The Business Analysis Handbook: Techniques and Questions to Deliver Better Business Outcomes, Author: Helen Winter
Title: Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing, Author: Simon Kingsnorth
Title: The Complete Personality Assessment: Psychometric Tests to Reveal Your True Potential, Author: Jim Barrett
Title: A Practitioner's Guide to Account-Based Marketing: Accelerating Growth in Strategic Accounts, Author: Bev Burgess
Title: Organizational Management: Approaches and Solutions, Author: Peter Stokes
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Title: Diversity in Coaching: Working with Gender, Culture, Race and Age, Author: Jonathan Passmore
Title: 50 Top Tools for Coaching: A Complete Toolkit for Developing and Empowering People, Author: Gillian Jones

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