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Title: Brand Storytelling: Put Customers at the Heart of Your Brand Story, Author: Miri Rodriguez
Title: Using Behavioral Science in Marketing: Drive Customer Action and Loyalty by Prompting Instinctive Responses, Author: Nancy Harhut
Title: The Luxury Strategy: Break the Rules of Marketing to Build Luxury Brands / Edition 2, Author: Jean-Noël Kapferer
Title: Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing, Author: Simon Kingsnorth
Title: The Agile Leader: How to Create an Agile Business in the Digital Age, Author: Simon Hayward
Title: Data-Driven HR: How to Use Analytics and Metrics to Drive Performance, Author: Bernard Marr
Title: Rethinking Prestige Branding: Secrets of the Ueber-Brands, Author: Wolfgang Schaefer
Title: Agile Transformation: Structures, Processes and Mindsets for the Digital Age, Author: Neil Perkin
Title: Responsible Marketing: How to Create an Authentic and Inclusive Marketing Strategy, Author: Lola Bakare Pre-Order Now
Title: Stop, Ask, Explore: Learn to Navigate Change in Times of Uncertainty, Author: Joan P. Ball
Title: The Inspirational Leader: How to Motivate, Encourage and Achieve Success, Author: John Adair
Title: The Good Retirement Guide 2022: Everything You Need to Know About Health, Property, Investment, Leisure, Work, Pensions and Tax, Author: Jonquil Lowe
Title: Aptitude Personality and Motivation Tests: Analyse Your Talents and Personality and Plan Your Career, Author: Jim Barrett
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Title: Getting to Nimble: How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader, Author: Peter A. High
Title: Good Work: How to Build a Career that Makes a Difference in the World, Author: Shannon Houde
Title: Dirty Dealing: The Untold Truth about Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism, Author: Peter Lilley
Title: Reinventing Banking and Finance: Frameworks to Navigate Global Fintech Innovation, Author: Helene Panzarino
Title: People Risk Management: A Practical Approach to Managing the Human Factors That Could Harm Your Business, Author: Keith Blacker
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Title: Personalization at Work: How HR Can Use Job Crafting to Drive Performance, Engagement and Wellbeing, Author: Rob Baker
Title: Emerging Markets: Strategies for Competing in the Global Value Chain, Author: Robert Grosse

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