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Title: The Velvet Protocol, Author: Julia Rose Lewis
Title: The Geometric Kingdom, Author: Rupert Loydell
Title: Selections from the Life & Death of Peter Stubbe, Author: Jesse Glass
Title: Footnotes From History: The Debord Variations, Author: Colin Campbell Robinson
Title: Amnion, Author: Juliet Troy
Title: The Lonesomest Sound, Author: Mike Ferguson
Title: The Diversification of Dave Turnip, Author: Paul Sutton
Title: Eachwhat: Volume 1, Author: Paul Hawkins
Title: The Magnetic Diaries, Author: Sarah James
Title: After all Tomorrows' After Parties, Author: Michael Wilson
Title: Servant Drone, Author: Bruno Neiva
Title: Mirror Lake, Waxen Swan, Author: Victoria Barragan
Title: Some Other Shadows, Author: David Miller
Title: L'ITALIE L'ONDON, Author: Ariadne Radi Cor
Title: She May Be Radon, Author: Fiona Cameron
Title: Ninth Iota, Author: Irene Koronas
Title: Stroll On, Author: James Russell
Title: Speculations & Changes, Author: Sam Smith
Title: Pendle Witch Words, Author: Geraldine Monk
Title: Through the Weather Glass: & What Icarus Found There, Author: Lucy Burnett

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