Title: The Velvet Protocol, Author: Julia Rose Lewis
Title: Big Town Blues, Author: Dylan Harris
Title: Riverrun, Author: Alan Baker
Title: Perennial: Notes from a Weatherproof Journal, Author: Ben Armstrong
Title: Tertiary Colours: A Post-Traumatic Verse, Author: Aaron Kent
Title: The Day Before Joy, Author: Penny Sharman
Title: Beasts & Volcanoes, Author: Clover Peake
Title: Winterreisen, Author: Alan Halsey
Title: How to Wear Grunge, Author: Ruth Stacey
Title: Journeys, Author: Rob Stanton
Title: The Lonesomest Sound, Author: Mike Ferguson
Title: Hear What the Moon Told Me, Author: Helen Ivory
Title: Somnia: (Four Movements in F Minor), Author: Maria Stadnicka
Title: The Red Book of Hergest Ward, Author: Rhys Trimble
Title: Atha, Author: Sally-Shakti Willow
Title: Phenomenology of the Feral, Author: Julia Rose Lewis
Title: The Battle, Author: Antony Owen
Title: She May Be Radon, Author: Fiona Cameron
Title: Certain Manoeuvres, Author: Lydia Unsworth
Title: Ibant Obscuri, Author: Gareth Prior

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