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Title: The Velvet Protocol, Author: Julia Rose Lewis
Title: Diurnal Sweigh: 365 Poems, Author: Gareth Farmer
Title: How to Wear Grunge, Author: Ruth Stacey
Title: Draft Vicinity, Author: Scott Thurston
Title: Birmingham Canal Navigation, Author: Cliff Yates
Title: Atha, Author: Sally-Shakti Willow
Title: Jack The Stripper, Author: Paul Sutton
Title: Perennial: Notes from a Weatherproof Journal, Author: Ben Armstrong
Title: We Build a City, Author: Kinga Tóth
Title: Thirty Clouds, Author: George Szirtes
Title: In the Gemini Café, Author: Neil Campbell
Title: Operations of Water, Author: Ian Seed
Title: Hear What the Moon Told Me, Author: Helen Ivory
Title: White Queen's Last Stand: POEMS ON THE LIFE AND WORK OF GERMAINE RICHIER (1902 - 1959), Author: Sally Festing
Title: Deerhart, Author: Yvonne Reddick
Title: Housework, Author: Susan Birchenough
Title: 1000 Proverbs, Author: S. J. Fowler
Title: After all Tomorrows' After Parties, Author: Michael Wilson
Title: Exits / Origin, Author: Nicky Dudley
Title: Home Turf, Author: Ann Matthews

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